We are inviting students interested in the field of interactive surfaces and spaces to apply as student volunteers (SV). This is an ideal opportunity to attend the conference and to connect with other members of the community. SVs also receive free conference registration as compensation for their work.

Note: The application deadlines have been updated.

Relevant Dates

  • May 6, 2016: Application open on http://chisv.org/iss2016
  • August 30, 2016: Application deadline
  • September 8: Results notification
  • September 20: T-shirt design contest deadline

Benefits and Duties

If you are an ISS Student Volunteer, you are committed to volunteer for approximately 18 hours during the conference.

In return, you get...

  • Free conference registration & meals during conference
  • A chance to participate in a conference for innovations on interactive surfaces and network with researchers in the field
  • An awesome bright free t-shirt or hoodie

Student volunteers are vital to the success of a conference. They allow conferences to run smoothly and provide attendees a friendly go-to person for assistance. They are also the heroes/heroines that help resolve any unexpected situations. Their specific duties include: bag stuffing, registration desk, AV assistance, poster and demo setup, badge checking, break monitoring, etc. SVs usually get to attend most of the sessions, even when working.

Arriving and Leaving

SVs need to be available to help throughout the conference. You will need to arrive on or before Saturday afternoon (Nov. 5) for the SV orientation and be available until the end of the conference on Wednesday (Nov. 9). Also, we strongly encourage you to attend the student volunteer party on Wednesday evening. The time and place for this party will be announced later as we are still scouting the most interesting/unique/fun place in town.

Designing an SV T-shirt and win an SV position!

To make our student volunteers noticeable to all attendees at the conference, they wear colourful t-shirts identifying them as SVs. This year again we ask students to submit their designs for an ISS 2016 SV t-shirt. The creator of the selected design will get a student volunteer position separate from the usual lottery for SV positions (i.e. if you are already accepted as a student volunteer and win the design competition, you can bring another student along). Send your t-shirt design by email to sv@iss2016.acm.org by September 20, 2016!

T-shirt design details and information:

  • The fabric should have a noticeable color (e.g. not white or gray) and the design should be clearly visible from across the room
  • We will be printing a large design on the back of the t-shirts and possibly a small logo/design on the front of the t-shirts. Feel free to submit designs for both locations.
  • You should use as few colors as possible, as this greatly affects the affordability of your design. 2-4 colors is a good number to aim for.
  • You should include the ISS logo (Get it here!). You may draw inspiration from Niagara Falls if you like, or other aspects of the Niagara region. Please note, however, that although wine and wineries are very common in the area, we do not want our SV’s running around in T-shirts with pictures of alcohol on them. Therefore, an image of a grape vine would be an acceptable image, but a wine bottle would not be.
  • Please convert the text to paths/curves/outlines (or embed the fonts). Do not use color halftones. Use a minimum line width of 1.5pt (or 2pt for reverse print) and font sizes need to be larger than 15pt.
  • Please submit both a PDF and a source (AI or EPS, vector) file.
Good luck with the design contest!


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the chairs at sv@iss2016.acm.org.

Student Volunteer Chairs

Diane Watson, University of Waterloo
Steve Funke, Chemnitz University of Technology

✉ sv@iss2016.acm.org