We awarded several distinguished contributions to highlight important work as well as promising future directions in the area of interactive surfaces and spaces. Congratulations to all winners!

 10-year Impact Award


Meredith Ringel Morris, A.J. Bernheim Brush, Brian R. Meyers
This paper has won the 10-year impact award.

  Best Paper Award

EV-Pen: Leveraging Electrovibration Haptic Feedback in Pen Interaction

Qinglong Wang, Xiangshi Ren, Sayan Sarcar, Xiaoying Sun
We present an Electrovibration Pen (EV-Pen) which leverages electrovibration technology in pen interactions and provides pen-on-paper feeling and supports precise interaction.

 Honorable Mention

UD Co-Spaces: A Table-Centred Multi-Display Environment for Public Engagement in Urban Design Charrettes

Narges Mahyar, Kelly J Burke, Jialiang (Ernest) Xiang, Siyi (Cathy) Meng, Kellogg S Booth, Cynthia L Girling, Ronald W Kellett

UD Co-Spaces (Urban Design Collaborative Spaces) is an integrated, tabletop-centered multi-display environment for engaging the public in the complex process of collaborative urban design.

 Best Demo Award

ControllAR: Appropriation of Visual Feedback on Control Surfaces

Alex Jones, Florent Berthaut

ControllAR facilitates the appropriation of rich visual feedback on control surfaces through remixing of graphical user interfaces and augmented reality display.

 Best Poster Award

Fun-f! Game-furniture experimenting interactive surfaces for children's sensory learning

Nicola Corona, Roberto Foddai, Samuel Aldo Iacolina, Agnese Mannai

Fun-f! Game-furniture experimenting interactive surfaces for children's sensory learning.